Shruti Changoiwala

My Story

Other than being well learned and educated, I am chirpy and have a fun loving personality.

Those who know me say that I am bold in taking decisions, instead of being bothered by the problems.

With all this said, I do like to spend time in solitude to rejuvenate my energy and to maintain my sanity.

Find it in you, and be conscious of the fact that, as soon as you connect with me, you are sure to feel calm, relaxed and grounded.

I have a unique way of looking at life, which makes me what I am, and thus am able to contribute in the live’s of those who get connected with me.

One day, I hope to visit

South Korea

Currently living in


Favorite flavor of ice cream

Butter Scotch

Yet To Experience

First Snow

Famished About

Street Food

Crazy Fan of

Harry Potter Series

Zone of Happinees


Favourite Quote

Successful Years

Lives Changed

Hours of Reiki

Hours of Self-healing