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I was having troubles with something personal tried solving through doctors, medicines everything but nothing helped.

But, at the end reiki resolved my problem and I was really happy to choose the right solution for my problem.

Richi Kheradi Mehta

My relationship situation was very messy, and it felt as if it might fall apart.. after I received relationship reiki from shruti, my relationship got better, my life became positive and I am enjoying a very happy relationship with my partner now.. 

Tina Jain

I always used to feel that I am being judged , in my work place I always used to tiptoe the lines of office politics and I used to feel tired time and again while talking to my extended family and relatives .

I came for a session with Shruti and I could see visible change in myself and my reality.

Thank you so much Shruti di for all your sessions . I am happy to announce that I am being myself .
And from the journey of “What others will think ?” to “How am I going to feel about it ?” was amazing.
Thank you to all your sessions, guidance and motivation.
Sandipan Sarkar Roy Chaudhry

Thank you so much Shruti for the distance reiki.

I was going through tough time and I needed help to come out of it.

You not only made sure to check on me until the entire time of reiki was completed but also provided comfort and support during the transition phase of my life.

Thanks a ton for being there.

God Bless you😀 Love and light 😇

Lubna Shaikh

I have received almost all services that Shruti provides, and I can tell you with complete certainity that she is a magical healer and brilliant psychic.
Her Angel Card Readings are so accurate and the suggestions given by her along with the readings are practical and simple which anybody can do.
I have been taking reiki remote healing services from her time to time for myself and family for various issues and they have helped me to come out of the issue and also get clarity in many areas of my life.
She has been a part of my journey since ever and I plan to continue taking her assistance in my life.
I would recommend her anytime.
If you feel stuck in life, consult her and you will definitely get some resolution.

“Healing is a process” as told by Shruti to me.

It took her a lot to convince me for this process. And finally when I agreed and underwent the therapy I was a new me who have got evolved.

I was going through emotional trauma and also had my spine surgery done during that time. Apart from medicinal healing, it required lot of mental and physical healing as well and Shruti helped me for the same. And believe me, the kind of transformation I experienced is unbelievable.

In today’s world, we experience every kind of stress and believe me Reiki really helps to overcome all these.

Thanks Shruti for being my healer.

Gayatri Pandey

Hi, I did Reiki channeling for relationship healing from Shruti and the results were tremendous.

In all the areas where I was holding denser energies, Shruti made sure she is making me aware and working at deeper level for me. Her support during the entire healing process and after that is truly amazing.

As I trust that we are here to help each other and share the love, she is really a beautiful example of those energy and she believes in healing the unhealed with complete dedication.

Thank You Thank You Thank You for your immense support, guidance and strength throughout the journey.

Neha Yadav


Firstly I would like to thanks Shruti for making us believe that these side of science is also effective if carried out properly..
I had continued some or other problem with my body since a long long time and was unable to cure it completely ..

But with help of Shruti she helped me find the reason why some or other thing is troubling me and then healing it with universe for me to be at peace..

Few incidents actually opened my eyes when she told me did I feel this or thing happened at the time when she was working on me and it was apt and that helped me alot …

Feeling better and healing better everyday !