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About Me

I am a Life Consultant, who helps you heal your core issues, by using alternative healing modalities.

My services are Reiki and Angel Card Reading.
With these tools handy, a lot of issues are almost resolved or the way out is made visible.

I am an amazing channel who can provide you a lot of insight about the present scenario and thus the path you are meant to go, becomes a bit smoother.

Irrespective of anything, if you just feel like you need someone to talk to, please do connect with me and you sure will feel light.

I am a professional with a happy customer base, since 2014.

How I Can Help You

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing energy, used to transform your being forever.
It works on the core issue, in the form of energy, which thus makes it easier to bring about affirmative changes, in terms of physical, emotional and mental well being.
Irrespective of the level of belief or faith, Reiki just works and the results vary depending on the objectivity of the receiver. 

Card Reading

Angel Cards are guidance cards that can be used to deal with almost any of your present situations. 

When the guidance received during the reading session is followed properly, the outcomes are equally miraculous.

Instead of providing with any types of predictions, these cards assist you in almost all aspects of your life.

If you ever feel stuck, and need a friendly push, just get connected with Angel Cards.


Do you feel stuck?

Things seem as if everything is spilled, everywhere? Or you are just too overwhelmed with the whole life thing? It happens to all of us.

Talking it out, or to have someone who will listen to you, without any judgments and prejudices, that’s what is needed.

No matter what, talking to someone new is always a good idea, as perspective varies and it ends up putting in more insights, and better outputs.

Happy Clients

“I was having troubles with something personal tried solving through doctors, medicines everything but nothing helped. But, at the end reiki resolved my problem and I was really happy to choose the right solution for my problem.”

Richi Kheradi Mehta

I always used to feel that I am being judged , in my work place I always used to tiptoe the lines of office politics and I used to feel tired time and again while talking to my extended family and relatives .
I came for a session with Shruti and I could see visible change in myself and my reality.
Thank you so much Shruti di for all your sessions . I am happy to announce that I am being myself .
And for the journey of “What others will think ?” to “How am I going to feel about it ?” was amazing.
Thank you to all your sessions, guidance and motivation.

Sandipan Sarkar Roy Chaudhry

“I have received almost all the services that Shruti provides, and I can tell you with complete certainty that she is a magical healer and brilliant psychic.

Her Angel card readings are so accurate and the suggestions given by her along with readings are practical and simple which any body can do.

I have been taking reiki remote healing from her time to time for myself and family for various issues and they have always helped me to come out of the issue and also get clarity in many areas of my life.

She has been part of my journey since ever and I plan to continue taking her assistance in my life. I would recommend her anytime.

If you feel stuck in life consult her and you will definitely get some resolution.”


My Blog

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