I Forgive Myself And Everyone Else For Everything

Written by Shruti

August 1, 2016

Hello Friends,

This time, here, I would share the idea of forgiveness and its benefits with you all. 🙂

First of all, please know, everything happening in our life, we are the sole responsible person for it. Others who hurt us, or say things to us which we do not like, is again a part of our growth, our lessons, and sometimes a mirror of what we think or feel about self.

Couldn’t follow, right, what I just said? You would say, “Why would I shout or scold myself”? or “Why would I say something to myself which will hurt me”? or “Why would I ask for it”?

So here is a revelation to it-

We are in a guilt of something. Guilt of the random norms or life styles or ideas which we were told to follow, and we couldn’t (For whatever reason) and with time we are just adding more and more to that guilt pile. Sometimes we are aware of it, and most of times we are not.

The guilt is added from a small thing to big ones. Small one for ex – “I need to get up early for my yoga class. For any given day, when I don’t feel like getting up, and I don’t get up, I miss my class, I feel guilty of being lazy and missing on the yoga class, because I really enjoy it”. See… How easy it is to add the guilt to the guilt pile! And this goes on and on with other things which we ought to do, but we don’t.

So now let’s see how to break the guilt cycle and stop adding it to the guilt pile (then we will try to remove the guilt pile completely).

For the starters; please forgive yourself. Its ok. You are just human. You are bound to make mistakes (because you are here to learn) and before anyone, you need to forgive yourself. Whenever you become aware of developing a guilt for any situation in your life, just that moment, ask for forgiveness from yourself. (easy said than done), but must be done. So my my yoga class example, here I would say, “It’s ok Shruti, it happens, and it’s ok. Go to class tomorrow and make it up for today. Please forgive me Shruti, for making you feel guilty, Sorry.” See, I did create a guilt, but as soon as I got aware of it, I released it and let it go.

Now if you really want a tool to do it, then say –

“I Forgive Myself”. (If you feel stuck to frame a forgiveness sentence to yourself, just say, “I Forgive Myself”; it will do). You can do it often standing in front of a mirror too. (It is 10 times more effective, as you are seeing in the eye and seeking forgiveness).

Next, you need to forgive others as well. We really don’t know what others are going through in their life, and what situations they are facing. There is a possibility that the person who said something bad to you or hurt you, is also sad or hurt somewhere, and he/she probably just threw that on you. Why do you want to take someone else’s dirt. Let it be. Don’t let it affect you, because you know who you are, and you are the only person who really gives a damn about it. Don’t give your power to others, and expect that they would not take advantage of it.

No one else needs to validate what you are, and who you are, and how good or bad you are, and all that. You know it, and that is all is required. The following words used sometimes by my teacher, fits perfect here – “Just for me, Just for fun, Don’t tell anyone”.

When others judge you, they are actually judging themselves. So why bother about what I or she or he think about YOU. 😉

So I now give an affirmation tool to work magic in the forgiveness department. This tool will help to release the guilt pile completely, if you practice and follow it always.


With this affirmation handy, situations and your life will become more easier, as you are willing to let it all go. When you know in your gut that the particular situation is here for certain lesson, then just say to yourself, “I am ready to learn the lesson, and I now willingly release any patterns, negativity or non-serving cords from this situation, and I let it all go now”. Trust me, you will definitely see amazing changes after that.

When we are in a situation, possibility is that there are more than 1 individual beings involved. So extend your forgiveness to all of them, starting from you. When we start practicing forgiveness and gratitude together, we become more and more compassionate and life gets very easy and simple. No matter what happens, just forgive. It may seem too difficult to forgive, in certain difficult and too hurtful situations, but the fact is, the only way to heal it, is FORGIVENESS.

You can seek compassion, strength, protection from Archangels, Angels and your Ascended Masters. Request the Angels, to provide you with all the necessary resources, so that you can easily practice forgiveness. Its really easy, if you allow it to work for you.

Please forgive me, If at any given point in life, I may have hurt you or said you anything you dint like, intentionally or unintentionally. Satnam.

Eagerly waiting for your feed backs, reviews, and experiences.

Lots of Love,


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