I Love and Acknowledge Myself

Written by Shruti

June 19, 2016

Hi Friends,
In this blog section I will now share about getting rid of the blame game. Whatever is happening in our life, we are the sole responsible person for it. The sooner we accept the fact, the better.

The issue begins when we start to fall in the “victim trap”. We think that we are victim of people, situations, and no one is here to understand. But look closely, its not really a truth. All the situations, issue that you may be facing right now, are the result of that “victim trap”.

Let me explain you all what I am trying to say..

Can you, just now, right away, mention at least 10 good qualities, you posses, and that, those qualities about you, should make you happy??

(For ex.- “I care for others too much and no one really appreciates me, and I just feel so sad and cry” isn’t a good quality as you are not happy doing so)

Do it.. Your 20 seconds starts now..!!





Sooo, were you able to mention 10 good qualities, about yourself, in the immediate 20 seconds? If yes, Congratulations! You are doing the right thing and keep it up with whatever you are doing. 🙂

If No, then its time to do some self healing and practicing self-love.

You have been in a relationship with yourself, since your birth. You must know everything about you, there is to know. But for whatever reason, you aren’t aware of minimum 10 good qualities of yourself!? High time!

This is happening because of the “victim trap”, and you must come out of it. Understand this, its really simple, if you can’t find anything good to mention about yourself, how can you expect others to do it??

If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you??

If you can’t forgive yourself for your mistakes, how can you expect others to do it for you??

You are a human, too, and you can make mistakes too, so please unburden your guilt, and replace it with self love and compassion. So that you can see yourself more lovingly and that you would see love from others too, that flow in all kinds of ways.

So now a million dollar question arises; “How can I Begin To Love Myself?”

The ans is very simple –

Do things that make you genuinely happy. It may include; cooking, singing, dancing, some hobby activity, travelling, meeting with friends, relaxing, taking time out just for yourself, roaming along on the green grass barefoot, creating something that you know will give you happiness, calling your long lost friend, meeting with your parents, going for movies, trekking, riding, surfing, and anything that really makes your heart fill with joy and happiness. Don’t start and go on doing this with yourself, (“Oh! I don’t have time/money; I have so many other priorities to fulfill; You don’t understand, what I am facing; What others will think) etc etc.

All I could hear is “Blah blah”.. Come on..!! Its your life. You have to love it. You have to do things to make yourself happy so that you can extent it to those around you. Please, this is all again a part of that “victim trap”, don’t fall into it. Be you, be happy, and start practicing self love.

Start doing it. You did all the waiting you had to do, till now. Its now high time. Break free. Let your wings fly, and explore the infinity of your being.

And you can practice saying the affirmation “I LOVE AND ACKNOWLEDGE MYSELF“ as many times as you wish and recall.

Do this, and am sure, you will see miraculous changes in your life.!

P.S. – The day you can pass the 20 second test of mentioning 10 good qualities about yourself, is the day you will really start to live your life!

Love and Light!


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