10 Basic Tools That Can Help To Simplify Your Everyday Life

Written by Shruti

July 27, 2016

Hello Friends,

Now in this blog section I will share with you tools that I use myself, to move along day by day with ease, and comfort.

The tools are really simple to use and works perfect, once we get habitual to use them. The main idea behind these tools is to work directly on the subconscious level, so that your conscious mind won’t create dramas and situations that are not going to serve anymore. Also with these tools we can easily eliminate a lot of unnecessary worries, and dramas out of our life. Now the only benefit of this is, you get more time to focus on stuff that are really important to you.

The Tools Are As Follows:

1. Ho’oponopono : I Love You. I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

This is what you have to say all the time to yourself. The only person we hurt the most is self. Whenever you feel angry, irritated, frustrated, depressed, confused, etc; its because somewhere you are not loving yourself enough; you are not forgiving yourself, for certain things you might have done (which according to you, or others was wrong); you are not appreciating yourself for the job well done. So this tool will slowly but surely, help you to do all this.

2. Who Does This Belong To?

A very honest fact which isn’t really known to many of us is that, 98% of the thoughts that we have, aren’t our own! Yes! You read it right. Most of your actions and thoughts are triggered by others that are around you. You might pick certain feelings from the people you pass by on the road, or train, or station, or bus etc. Not every feeling is yours, so when you find yourself in a particular situation where you feel stuck, or are unaware of how to go about it, say this “Who Does This Belong To?” few times, or until that feeling goes. You will be amazed. Once you get out of the feeling that isn’t yours, you can start to live your life and you will be amazed at how much time you now have to do your own stuff.

(Do write me your experience about it, I am eagerly waiting to hear them).

3. Freeze The Energy!

Now, we all have certain people in our life, with whom we have to deal on everyday basis, and for whatever reason, it sucks. As a matter of fact, everything is energy, you, me, people, situations; everything. So now to use this tool, you simply have to write the names of all those people you associate with, or all the situations that are creating stress to you, on a piece of paper with a pencil, fold it and put it in a water container. Now you are to place this water container in the freezer for 3 months! You can repeat it every 3 months! (To be honest, I have written every name I could recall, just to be safe :P) This way, we are freezing the energy that is bothering us, and we can still go around being the same with everyone. You wont loose anyone, you would just loose the energy that bothers you. Isn’t it amazing. 😉

(I am curiously waiting for feedback’s on this one).

4. Truth

Now this tool can be used for those people and situations in your life, where you think or feel that there is something hidden or there is lies.

For example say, you are in a meeting and you want to know the truth or facts behind the given agenda in front of you, so if you have to ask a question, say “Truth” to yourself or in your mind and then put the question in front of the person it is directed to. He/She will say the truth without really knowing that they are doing so. If the person in question is too smart to plan everything he/she is supposed to say during the meeting, and doesn’t reveal anything, you would still know in your gut instinct that the person is lying or hiding some important facts.

This way it will help you to take decisions better, and in your favour.

5. What Would I like to Choose Here?

In every given situation in life, you Have a Choice. Either you can react and suffer, or you can contemplate and move ahead. Whether you believe it or no, but everything that happens in your life, is because you asked for it, or you wanted to learn from it, or to teach someone something from it. So for all the situations, we have a choice.

For example: When someone gets angry on us, we can either choose to react and defend our-self, and start a fight; or we can contemplate the situation, try and understand the other person’s point of view, and then take an appropriate action! I know, I know you will say it is easy said then done. to make it easier, we have one more tool.

(The Following Tool #6, will help you achieve it)

6. Long Breathe In, Long Breathe Out

This tool can be used for all the situations and not just for anger. For all the confusions, frustrations, sadness, irritation, anxiety, and anything that you feel that is making you shaky and uncomfortable. Just take few deep breathes, and try to imagine that with every breathe In, you are taking all the positivity inside of you, and with every breathe out, you are releasing all the negativity out. Do this until you are comfortable and stable, and then you can take a better decision.

7. I approve of Myself

If you are one of those people, who can easily be critical of self, you need this tool. This should be your waking sleeping mantra, until you can feel better and appreciative of yourself. It almost takes 300 – 400 chants of this each day for almost 3 months. (I know it sounds a bit too much, but to really achieve something new, we need to take new steps). Its really easy to do it, if you decide on it. I have done it, and I know how amazing it feels, to feel the change and really enjoy our own company. Do tell me your experience.

8. Affirm Yourself Every Morning

Every morning, affirm this to yourself: “Everything that will happen today, every person I will encounter today, whatever situations will come to face with me today, are all for my good only, and so be it.” This simple sentence, every morning, is an assurance of miracles everyday. I can say this with such confidence, because I have been doing this and I have experienced so many miracles in my life. I feel blessed and I am honoured to share this little secret with you all.

9. Attitude of Gratitude (Especially at night)

I am sure you might have heard this a million times, so one more won’t do any wrong. Be grateful for everything in your life. This brings compassion and understanding. During the day, try to say “thank you” as many times as possible, and see how the energy shifts around you. While going to sleep, try to practice saying thank you. You can start with mentioning just 3 things, stuff, people, situation in your life.

For example: Thank you for the bed I am sleeping, Thank you for the ride home safe, Thank you for my lovely parents. With time you can add things to say thank you to, and you may fall asleep even before you know it. This tool will thus attract more of these things to be thankful for.

(Do share about your new found life).

10. Practising the “Yes” Mode

Start saying Yes/OK for everything in your life, be it anything. This way you can be open to receive whatever is meant for you. Now you may say, if I say yes to everything then I am open to receive what I don’t want or need. I am assuring you, that only what is meant for you will come to you, and everything else with go, easily. When we resist, when we say no, we block those stuff as well what we need.

For example: Since the day I started being in the ‘Yes’ Mode, my life has become simpler and easier. I don’t have to be stressed or worried about anything, as what’s for me comes to me and what isn’t for me goes, and almost all the times I don’t even know how and what happened for it all to go.

So here it goes. Try to use these tools as much as possible, and nothing can come in between you and your true self. Trust me, doing something new needs some extra efforts, and no efforts ever go in vain. Keep up with positivity and do share your experience and feed backs. I would love to receive any more suggestions, if you have any, that can bring changes to lives of people.

Lots of Love,


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