Read It When You Read It

Read It When You Read It

Hello Dear Ones,

In this section of blog, I am sharing a short version of my life in my own words. I am sure you may relate to most of it in some or the other way. So feel free to love yourself more and more.
I am my own person. The more I look back on the days I had the opportunity to be myself, I realized that it may be possible that I had created different impressions on different people. With me being me and with all of my sincerity, I realized that I created moments with all those people which became unforgettable memories.
Never did I realize the time was helping me to bring me face to face with my memory so easily.
No matter how I look at it, I feel happy that I was able to create at least one type of impression on all those people who were and are a part of my life.
With each person it was a different type of memory or moment which am sure will make them think of me, even if am not a part of their life anymore. This makes me feel as if I was able to create a different type of impact on their lives and thus contributing in my own way to them.
I won’t deny the fact that receiving their bit in my life was a blessing too, yet I am more happy to believe that those who remember me still, well, it was my achievement.
I will gladly take it as a big excuse, to be myself more often, and to create an impact on those who are yet to be a part of my life.
I am amazed with myself as I see in retrospect as how varied and colorful I can be.
Some people may have a memory of me being childish(I guess I still am), some may see me as caring, some may remember my stupidity and laugh silently. I may have hurt someone and yet they remember me, and let it slide(I wish they do so). Some may have forgotten my name, but remember my face or something that I said. Some might have a big bundle of memories with them of me, and they might visit those whenever they encounter similar situations. And some just wish or pray for my happiness, whom I might have forgotten(I guess the miracles of my life).
I am happy to see myself in retrospect who was a daredevil in her own way. I loved, I cried, I risked, I survived, I was hurt, but yet I loved everything about my life so far.
When I try to balance my blessings and sorrows, no matter how well I try to balance, the blessings always overtake the sorrows. I guess am just lucky.
I am sure I have made a lot of special places in the hearts of people who are and were a part of my life and it really is amazing to feel what it feels like.
I am taking pride in being such a sly to do so with so much finesse and ease that the person, would never even realize that I had made my space in their heart, with or without their consent (well it’s my privilege though).
I am sure that those who have made their impressions on me, will cross my path again someday, and that day will just bring all the colors that we once shared, back.
Until then, I am creating different colored memories, with each one of those people in my life, as, I have unlimited excess to myself and the colors of life.
Lots of love,

I Forgive Myself And Everyone Else For Everything

I Forgive Myself And Everyone Else For Everything

Hello Friends,

This time, here, I would share the idea of forgiveness and its benefits with you all. 🙂

First of all, please know, everything happening in our life, we are the sole responsible person for it. Others who hurt us, or say things to us which we do not like, is again a part of our growth, our lessons, and sometimes a mirror of what we think or feel about self.

Couldn’t follow, right, what I just said? You would say, “Why would I shout or scold myself”? or “Why would I say something to myself which will hurt me”? or “Why would I ask for it”?

So here is a revelation to it-

We are in a guilt of something. Guilt of the random norms or life styles or ideas which we were told to follow, and we couldn’t (For whatever reason) and with time we are just adding more and more to that guilt pile. Sometimes we are aware of it, and most of times we are not.

The guilt is added from a small thing to big ones. Small one for ex – “I need to get up early for my yoga class. For any given day, when I don’t feel like getting up, and I don’t get up, I miss my class, I feel guilty of being lazy and missing on the yoga class, because I really enjoy it”. See… How easy it is to add the guilt to the guilt pile! And this goes on and on with other things which we ought to do, but we don’t.

So now let’s see how to break the guilt cycle and stop adding it to the guilt pile (then we will try to remove the guilt pile completely).

For the starters; please forgive yourself. Its ok. You are just human. You are bound to make mistakes (because you are here to learn) and before anyone, you need to forgive yourself. Whenever you become aware of developing a guilt for any situation in your life, just that moment, ask for forgiveness from yourself. (easy said than done), but must be done. So my my yoga class example, here I would say, “It’s ok Shruti, it happens, and it’s ok. Go to class tomorrow and make it up for today. Please forgive me Shruti, for making you feel guilty, Sorry.” See, I did create a guilt, but as soon as I got aware of it, I released it and let it go.

Now if you really want a tool to do it, then say –

“I Forgive Myself”. (If you feel stuck to frame a forgiveness sentence to yourself, just say, “I Forgive Myself”; it will do). You can do it often standing in front of a mirror too. (It is 10 times more effective, as you are seeing in the eye and seeking forgiveness).

Next, you need to forgive others as well. We really don’t know what others are going through in their life, and what situations they are facing. There is a possibility that the person who said something bad to you or hurt you, is also sad or hurt somewhere, and he/she probably just threw that on you. Why do you want to take someone else’s dirt. Let it be. Don’t let it affect you, because you know who you are, and you are the only person who really gives a damn about it. Don’t give your power to others, and expect that they would not take advantage of it.

No one else needs to validate what you are, and who you are, and how good or bad you are, and all that. You know it, and that is all is required. The following words used sometimes by my teacher, fits perfect here – “Just for me, Just for fun, Don’t tell anyone”.

When others judge you, they are actually judging themselves. So why bother about what I or she or he think about YOU. 😉

So I now give an affirmation tool to work magic in the forgiveness department. This tool will help to release the guilt pile completely, if you practice and follow it always.


With this affirmation handy, situations and your life will become more easier, as you are willing to let it all go. When you know in your gut that the particular situation is here for certain lesson, then just say to yourself, “I am ready to learn the lesson, and I now willingly release any patterns, negativity or non-serving cords from this situation, and I let it all go now”. Trust me, you will definitely see amazing changes after that.

When we are in a situation, possibility is that there are more than 1 individual beings involved. So extend your forgiveness to all of them, starting from you. When we start practicing forgiveness and gratitude together, we become more and more compassionate and life gets very easy and simple. No matter what happens, just forgive. It may seem too difficult to forgive, in certain difficult and too hurtful situations, but the fact is, the only way to heal it, is FORGIVENESS.

You can seek compassion, strength, protection from Archangels, Angels and your Ascended Masters. Request the Angels, to provide you with all the necessary resources, so that you can easily practice forgiveness. Its really easy, if you allow it to work for you.

Please forgive me, If at any given point in life, I may have hurt you or said you anything you dint like, intentionally or unintentionally. Satnam.

Eagerly waiting for your feed backs, reviews, and experiences.

Lots of Love,


10 Basic Tools That Can Help To Simplify Your Everyday Life

10 Basic Tools That Can Help To Simplify Your Everyday Life

Hello Friends,

Now in this blog section I will share with you tools that I use myself, to move along day by day with ease, and comfort.

The tools are really simple to use and works perfect, once we get habitual to use them. The main idea behind these tools is to work directly on the subconscious level, so that your conscious mind won’t create dramas and situations that are not going to serve anymore. Also with these tools we can easily eliminate a lot of unnecessary worries, and dramas out of our life. Now the only benefit of this is, you get more time to focus on stuff that are really important to you.

The Tools Are As Follows:

1. Ho’oponopono : I Love You. I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

This is what you have to say all the time to yourself. The only person we hurt the most is self. Whenever you feel angry, irritated, frustrated, depressed, confused, etc; its because somewhere you are not loving yourself enough; you are not forgiving yourself, for certain things you might have done (which according to you, or others was wrong); you are not appreciating yourself for the job well done. So this tool will slowly but surely, help you to do all this.

2. Who Does This Belong To?

A very honest fact which isn’t really known to many of us is that, 98% of the thoughts that we have, aren’t our own! Yes! You read it right. Most of your actions and thoughts are triggered by others that are around you. You might pick certain feelings from the people you pass by on the road, or train, or station, or bus etc. Not every feeling is yours, so when you find yourself in a particular situation where you feel stuck, or are unaware of how to go about it, say this “Who Does This Belong To?” few times, or until that feeling goes. You will be amazed. Once you get out of the feeling that isn’t yours, you can start to live your life and you will be amazed at how much time you now have to do your own stuff.

(Do write me your experience about it, I am eagerly waiting to hear them).

3. Freeze The Energy!

Now, we all have certain people in our life, with whom we have to deal on everyday basis, and for whatever reason, it sucks. As a matter of fact, everything is energy, you, me, people, situations; everything. So now to use this tool, you simply have to write the names of all those people you associate with, or all the situations that are creating stress to you, on a piece of paper with a pencil, fold it and put it in a water container. Now you are to place this water container in the freezer for 3 months! You can repeat it every 3 months! (To be honest, I have written every name I could recall, just to be safe :P) This way, we are freezing the energy that is bothering us, and we can still go around being the same with everyone. You wont loose anyone, you would just loose the energy that bothers you. Isn’t it amazing. 😉

(I am curiously waiting for feedback’s on this one).

4. Truth

Now this tool can be used for those people and situations in your life, where you think or feel that there is something hidden or there is lies.

For example say, you are in a meeting and you want to know the truth or facts behind the given agenda in front of you, so if you have to ask a question, say “Truth” to yourself or in your mind and then put the question in front of the person it is directed to. He/She will say the truth without really knowing that they are doing so. If the person in question is too smart to plan everything he/she is supposed to say during the meeting, and doesn’t reveal anything, you would still know in your gut instinct that the person is lying or hiding some important facts.

This way it will help you to take decisions better, and in your favour.

5. What Would I like to Choose Here?

In every given situation in life, you Have a Choice. Either you can react and suffer, or you can contemplate and move ahead. Whether you believe it or no, but everything that happens in your life, is because you asked for it, or you wanted to learn from it, or to teach someone something from it. So for all the situations, we have a choice.

For example: When someone gets angry on us, we can either choose to react and defend our-self, and start a fight; or we can contemplate the situation, try and understand the other person’s point of view, and then take an appropriate action! I know, I know you will say it is easy said then done. to make it easier, we have one more tool.

(The Following Tool #6, will help you achieve it)

6. Long Breathe In, Long Breathe Out

This tool can be used for all the situations and not just for anger. For all the confusions, frustrations, sadness, irritation, anxiety, and anything that you feel that is making you shaky and uncomfortable. Just take few deep breathes, and try to imagine that with every breathe In, you are taking all the positivity inside of you, and with every breathe out, you are releasing all the negativity out. Do this until you are comfortable and stable, and then you can take a better decision.

7. I approve of Myself

If you are one of those people, who can easily be critical of self, you need this tool. This should be your waking sleeping mantra, until you can feel better and appreciative of yourself. It almost takes 300 – 400 chants of this each day for almost 3 months. (I know it sounds a bit too much, but to really achieve something new, we need to take new steps). Its really easy to do it, if you decide on it. I have done it, and I know how amazing it feels, to feel the change and really enjoy our own company. Do tell me your experience.

8. Affirm Yourself Every Morning

Every morning, affirm this to yourself: “Everything that will happen today, every person I will encounter today, whatever situations will come to face with me today, are all for my good only, and so be it.” This simple sentence, every morning, is an assurance of miracles everyday. I can say this with such confidence, because I have been doing this and I have experienced so many miracles in my life. I feel blessed and I am honoured to share this little secret with you all.

9. Attitude of Gratitude (Especially at night)

I am sure you might have heard this a million times, so one more won’t do any wrong. Be grateful for everything in your life. This brings compassion and understanding. During the day, try to say “thank you” as many times as possible, and see how the energy shifts around you. While going to sleep, try to practice saying thank you. You can start with mentioning just 3 things, stuff, people, situation in your life.

For example: Thank you for the bed I am sleeping, Thank you for the ride home safe, Thank you for my lovely parents. With time you can add things to say thank you to, and you may fall asleep even before you know it. This tool will thus attract more of these things to be thankful for.

(Do share about your new found life).

10. Practising the “Yes” Mode

Start saying Yes/OK for everything in your life, be it anything. This way you can be open to receive whatever is meant for you. Now you may say, if I say yes to everything then I am open to receive what I don’t want or need. I am assuring you, that only what is meant for you will come to you, and everything else with go, easily. When we resist, when we say no, we block those stuff as well what we need.

For example: Since the day I started being in the ‘Yes’ Mode, my life has become simpler and easier. I don’t have to be stressed or worried about anything, as what’s for me comes to me and what isn’t for me goes, and almost all the times I don’t even know how and what happened for it all to go.

So here it goes. Try to use these tools as much as possible, and nothing can come in between you and your true self. Trust me, doing something new needs some extra efforts, and no efforts ever go in vain. Keep up with positivity and do share your experience and feed backs. I would love to receive any more suggestions, if you have any, that can bring changes to lives of people.

Lots of Love,


I Love and Acknowledge Myself

I Love and Acknowledge Myself

Hi Friends,
In this blog section I will now share about getting rid of the blame game. Whatever is happening in our life, we are the sole responsible person for it. The sooner we accept the fact, the better.

The issue begins when we start to fall in the “victim trap”. We think that we are victim of people, situations, and no one is here to understand. But look closely, its not really a truth. All the situations, issue that you may be facing right now, are the result of that “victim trap”.

Let me explain you all what I am trying to say..

Can you, just now, right away, mention at least 10 good qualities, you posses, and that, those qualities about you, should make you happy??

(For ex.- “I care for others too much and no one really appreciates me, and I just feel so sad and cry” isn’t a good quality as you are not happy doing so)

Do it.. Your 20 seconds starts now..!!





Sooo, were you able to mention 10 good qualities, about yourself, in the immediate 20 seconds? If yes, Congratulations! You are doing the right thing and keep it up with whatever you are doing. 🙂

If No, then its time to do some self healing and practicing self-love.

You have been in a relationship with yourself, since your birth. You must know everything about you, there is to know. But for whatever reason, you aren’t aware of minimum 10 good qualities of yourself!? High time!

This is happening because of the “victim trap”, and you must come out of it. Understand this, its really simple, if you can’t find anything good to mention about yourself, how can you expect others to do it??

If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you??

If you can’t forgive yourself for your mistakes, how can you expect others to do it for you??

You are a human, too, and you can make mistakes too, so please unburden your guilt, and replace it with self love and compassion. So that you can see yourself more lovingly and that you would see love from others too, that flow in all kinds of ways.

So now a million dollar question arises; “How can I Begin To Love Myself?”

The ans is very simple –

Do things that make you genuinely happy. It may include; cooking, singing, dancing, some hobby activity, travelling, meeting with friends, relaxing, taking time out just for yourself, roaming along on the green grass barefoot, creating something that you know will give you happiness, calling your long lost friend, meeting with your parents, going for movies, trekking, riding, surfing, and anything that really makes your heart fill with joy and happiness. Don’t start and go on doing this with yourself, (“Oh! I don’t have time/money; I have so many other priorities to fulfill; You don’t understand, what I am facing; What others will think) etc etc.

All I could hear is “Blah blah”.. Come on..!! Its your life. You have to love it. You have to do things to make yourself happy so that you can extent it to those around you. Please, this is all again a part of that “victim trap”, don’t fall into it. Be you, be happy, and start practicing self love.

Start doing it. You did all the waiting you had to do, till now. Its now high time. Break free. Let your wings fly, and explore the infinity of your being.

And you can practice saying the affirmation “I LOVE AND ACKNOWLEDGE MYSELF“ as many times as you wish and recall.

Do this, and am sure, you will see miraculous changes in your life.!

P.S. – The day you can pass the 20 second test of mentioning 10 good qualities about yourself, is the day you will really start to live your life!

Love and Light!


My Observations About Situations In Life

My Observations About Situations In Life

I have been on a very exciting journey since I realized that life IS a journey, and the fun lies in enjoying it, rather than worrying about reaching to the ultimate goal. When I look at situations or events happening in my life, I now try to see it with a different perspective, so as to enjoy it more vividly. When I started owing up to things happening in my life as a result of my own deeds, life has become more fun, interesting and enjoyable. Blaming others is a vicious cycle. When I blame others for things happening in my life, I end up feeling more frustrated and lost. And as soon as I take all the responsibility of it, it becomes so trivial

Its easy said than done, but I am glad that I can now practice it with ease. I have more time for other things important in my life to do; because I am not wasting my time in blaming or complaining about / to others.

I am more focused on what I have to do to make myself happy. Sometimes, it becomes difficult, because of the old age learned ideas about life and it is fine I guess. Because every experience has been a learning or a blessing at the given point of time. Without those experiences, I may not be here, where I am now and I am really grateful for all of it, to everyone who was involved, however small the part they played in my journey of Life.

The more I wanted to grow, the more I was challenged. The more I was worried, the more I was capable of finding better solutions, better ideas, to come out of my worries. The more I seeked faith, the more I have been tested for building my faith stronger. The more I asked for strength, the more I was faced with situations where I had to be strong. Trust me, “Its A Blessing In Disguise”. Thank you God for all this.

Being grateful, has changed many things in my life. With gratitude, comes blessings. For every blessing my way, I am grateful for it million times. The love and blessings I receive, bring more and more of it to me, with gratitude. It changed my life and it made me more compassionate and considerate.

I have now shared my little secret, and hope that you also can get benefited by it.

Life is really an amazing journey, so lets have some fun, while we are here. Its a waste of time really, to not enjoy it, and look for the things which stops us from enjoying it.

Lots of Love,


How I got introduced to Reiki

How I got introduced to Reiki

My story about Reiki is not that dramatic but I would not be wrong to say that I was lucky enough to have lovely people around.

My friend Manisha gifted me my first Reiki level and ever since my life has been completely different from what it was. Thanks a lot Manisha. :*

I was mentally, physically, emotionally unstable, depressed, and really out of life at one given point. But I am blessed enough to be surrounded by soooooooo many lovely people who never gave up on me. Love you guys for that. Even with so much of chaos and drama, I never felt alone for once, never felt unsupported and I am sure that whatever struggle it took for me to be who I am today, it was equal for those near me. They took care of me, loved me unconditionally, bared with my dramas and tantrums and what not.

I must say my family, friends, dear ones and those who care for me, where diligent all the time.

Practicing Reiki brought lovely changes in my life and to those around me. It wont be wrong to say, my life and my perspective about life, changed. Things become more clear. At that moment, I never felt any change, but with time, I looked at life in a retrospect, and it was amazing.

Sometimes, I feel I become so blind at things and situations in life, that I forget to enjoy life as it comes. Life truly is a blessing and please don’t let anyone feed you otherwise.

Reiki for me has been like a “Bright Light” coming from and unlimited source, to take away all the negativity, darkness, and anything that isn’t serving me any more towards my highest good. And I am sure its true for everyone at any given time who is introduced to it.

I am really lucky to have you all in my life, because of you all I am who I am and I am eternally grateful for it.

Love and Light!