How I got introduced to Reiki

Written by Shruti

April 16, 2016

My story about Reiki is not that dramatic but I would not be wrong to say that I was lucky enough to have lovely people around.

My friend Manisha gifted me my first Reiki level and ever since my life has been completely different from what it was. Thanks a lot Manisha. :*

I was mentally, physically, emotionally unstable, depressed, and really out of life at one given point. But I am blessed enough to be surrounded by soooooooo many lovely people who never gave up on me. Love you guys for that. Even with so much of chaos and drama, I never felt alone for once, never felt unsupported and I am sure that whatever struggle it took for me to be who I am today, it was equal for those near me. They took care of me, loved me unconditionally, bared with my dramas and tantrums and what not.

I must say my family, friends, dear ones and those who care for me, where diligent all the time.

Practicing Reiki brought lovely changes in my life and to those around me. It wont be wrong to say, my life and my perspective about life, changed. Things become more clear. At that moment, I never felt any change, but with time, I looked at life in a retrospect, and it was amazing.

Sometimes, I feel I become so blind at things and situations in life, that I forget to enjoy life as it comes. Life truly is a blessing and please don’t let anyone feed you otherwise.

Reiki for me has been like a “Bright Light” coming from and unlimited source, to take away all the negativity, darkness, and anything that isn’t serving me any more towards my highest good. And I am sure its true for everyone at any given time who is introduced to it.

I am really lucky to have you all in my life, because of you all I am who I am and I am eternally grateful for it.

Love and Light!


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