Read It When You Read It

Written by Shruti

January 30, 2020

Hello Dear Ones,

In this section of blog, I am sharing a short version of my life in my own words. I am sure you may relate to most of it in some or the other way. So feel free to love yourself more and more.
I am my own person. The more I look back on the days I had the opportunity to be myself, I realized that it may be possible that I had created different impressions on different people. With me being me and with all of my sincerity, I realized that I created moments with all those people which became unforgettable memories.
Never did I realize the time was helping me to bring me face to face with my memory so easily.
No matter how I look at it, I feel happy that I was able to create at least one type of impression on all those people who were and are a part of my life.
With each person it was a different type of memory or moment which am sure will make them think of me, even if am not a part of their life anymore. This makes me feel as if I was able to create a different type of impact on their lives and thus contributing in my own way to them.
I won’t deny the fact that receiving their bit in my life was a blessing too, yet I am more happy to believe that those who remember me still, well, it was my achievement.
I will gladly take it as a big excuse, to be myself more often, and to create an impact on those who are yet to be a part of my life.
I am amazed with myself as I see in retrospect as how varied and colorful I can be.
Some people may have a memory of me being childish(I guess I still am), some may see me as caring, some may remember my stupidity and laugh silently. I may have hurt someone and yet they remember me, and let it slide(I wish they do so). Some may have forgotten my name, but remember my face or something that I said. Some might have a big bundle of memories with them of me, and they might visit those whenever they encounter similar situations. And some just wish or pray for my happiness, whom I might have forgotten(I guess the miracles of my life).
I am happy to see myself in retrospect who was a daredevil in her own way. I loved, I cried, I risked, I survived, I was hurt, but yet I loved everything about my life so far.
When I try to balance my blessings and sorrows, no matter how well I try to balance, the blessings always overtake the sorrows. I guess am just lucky.
I am sure I have made a lot of special places in the hearts of people who are and were a part of my life and it really is amazing to feel what it feels like.
I am taking pride in being such a sly to do so with so much finesse and ease that the person, would never even realize that I had made my space in their heart, with or without their consent (well it’s my privilege though).
I am sure that those who have made their impressions on me, will cross my path again someday, and that day will just bring all the colors that we once shared, back.
Until then, I am creating different colored memories, with each one of those people in my life, as, I have unlimited excess to myself and the colors of life.
Lots of love,

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